Does Eating at Night Make One Gain Weight?

sleep and weightOne of the most hotly contested topics among nutrition and health experts is if the time we eat affects our weight. Some say that eating at night will cause weight gain because you will not use the calories at night as much as you will during the day. Others dispute this saying that weight gain or loss does not happen overnight. Does eating late make one fat? Continue reading

8 Easy Ways to Cut Sugar from your Diet

sugarManaging the sugar in your diet is an important aspect of health and weight management. You will find sugar everywhere from your home, hotels, milk bars or inside limousine rentals as you pop your favorite drinks. For all the bad rap it gets, sugar is a good source of calories. Not so much, though. Reducing your sugar intake is of paramount importance. Here are a few easy ways to cut the sugar from your diet. Continue reading

Guide to Carb Cycling for Fat Loss

carbsCarbohydrates are part of a balanced diet, but they can affect your weight and health negatively. When they are consumed, carbohydrates are converted into glucose which is released into the blood stream. Insulin is then released to remove the glucose, but some say the problem is that it is then stored as fat. That is why many say that insulin contributes to obesity. While that is not entirely true, trying to lose fat becomes difficult with high carbs intake. Continue reading

How Exercises Accelerate Weight Loss

runningIf you want to lose some weight, you will have to start exercising and work on changing your diet. Exercises are of particular importance, and we are often urged to incorporate them into our daily routine. Neglecting exercises can be easy, but just like you will pay dearly if you forget a regular roof inspection or car maintenance, equally you will have to dig dipper when you fail to work out regularly. Why are exercises important when it comes to weight loss then? Continue reading

Are Weight Loss Supplements Necessary?

 DSCLosing fat and weight to get and maintain the ideal physique usually entails creating a change in your lifestyle, modifying your daily eating habits and combining with a regular exercise program. However, many people today are looking for supplements to aid their weight loss. This begs the question, if you are following a proper diet and working out regularly, is there any need to take supplements? Continue reading

How to Lose Belly Fat in Less Than Four Weeks

belly fatNobody wants belly fat also known as visceral fat. For many people, it is because the belly fat is not ideal for your look. It is not ideal for your health too in case you need extra motivation to get rid of the fat. Luckily, you can lose belly fat in less than four weeks. This is because when you change the diet and start exercising, a crucial part of losing the belly fat, you will experience a relatively larger weight loss in a couple of days. Continue reading

How to Determine Your Body’s Daily Calorie Needs

calorie needsYou need calories to sustain your daily activities. Calories provide energy for your body to use throughout the day. Intake of calories play a central role in gaining, losing and maintaining weight. That is why nutrition experts recommended a particular daily calorie intake. The recommended daily intakes, however, varies depending on one’s age, gender, weight, height, activity level and body mass. Knowing how to determine your daily calorie needs will help you design a nutrition and exercise plan to realize your health goals. Continue reading