How Exercises Accelerate Weight Loss

runningIf you want to lose some weight, you will have to start exercising and work on changing your diet. Exercises are of particular importance, and we are often urged to incorporate them into our daily routine. Neglecting exercises can be easy, but just like you will pay dearly if you forget a regular roof inspection or car maintenance, equally you will have to dig dipper when you fail to work out regularly. Why are exercises important when it comes to weight loss then?

They burn calories

Exercising will burn a lot of calories in your body contributing to weight loss. Some workouts are more effective in burning calories than others. Combining at least two of the exercises will see you achieve much better results. Aerobic exercises and strength training, for example, will see the weight loss process sped up. They both burn different types of calories. Combining then will see you build the muscles and burn fat. Examples of aerobic exercise include walking, running, biking, and swimming. Strength training includes weight lifting, yoga or Pilates.

Hormonal effects

Some exercises have effects on hormones which influence your weight. Choosing hormones with a positive hormonal response will increase the levels of growth hormone as well as the sex hormone testosterone, especially in men. When the levels of these hormones increase, in the long term your muscle mass will increase while your visceral fat or belly fat decrease too. Exercises that are perfect for positive hormonal effect includes strength training where you lift really heavy things or interval training.

Burns Glycogen stores

Exercising will burn your body’s glycogen stores. That means you can take a little more carbs than you usually allow yourself after a workout without any adverse effects on fat storage or insulin. It is hard to put on weight in such a scenario.

Exercises boost your metabolic rate

metabolismSignificantly boosting your metabolic rate accelerates your weight loss. To achieve this, you need to include interval training involving both moderate intensity and high intensity levels. Interval training usually involves short bursts of moderate intensity exercises with short bursts of very high-intensity exercises. They take a shorter length of time compared to cardio.

Exercises Build Muscles and Burn Fats

When you build your muscles and burn the fat in your body at the same time, you will lose weight. Apart from supplements, exercises are the only way you can burn fat and build muscles thus losing weight. Unlike supplements, however, exercises will achieve this without any side effects, and it is the best option.

Exercises will help you lose not only weight but also maintain a healthy weight. Setting aside at least an hour of tough workouts will see you shed some weight. For exercises to work, however, you need to be very disciplined. Consistency and sacrifice are essential. Also, there are many types of exercises all with a different result. Choosing the right one will see you achieve better results. Don’t neglect your diet when you start a training program.  Eating unhealthy food while exercising is counterproductive. Eat lean protein, vegetables, fruits, and whole-grain more often.