Top 5 Teas to Help You Lose Weight, Burn Fat and Detox

herbal teaWhile tea is without a doubt one of the most popular beverages in the world, very few use it for its health benefits. Tea has many flavor variations some of which can help you burn fat, lose weight or just detox your body. These are the top tea blends to help you achieve that.

1.      Green Tea

If there were anything like ‘super tea’, it would be green tea. Green tea offers us many health benefits and weight loss happens to be one of them. Green tea has an antioxidant (catechin) which helps prevent cell damage in your body. Green tea does not take much processing which preserves the catechins for your intake. Green tea has EGCG, an active ingredient that is key to reducing your weight and maintain a good metabolic health. Substituting soda with green tea can see you lose 15 pounds in a year.

2.      Bilberry Tea

Bilberry tea has been used for its medicinal purposes for many years. The tea is made from the Bilberry fruit which has anthocyanosides, a chemical property with large amounts of antioxidants. These antioxidants are important when it comes to preventing your body cells damage. The tea is an excellent accompaniment to foods as it helps control your body’s blood sugar. Your glucose response to meals will be reduced if you take bilberry tea. That makes it great for weight management.

3.      Hibiscus Tea

hibiscus teaNumerous studies have been conducted on the hibiscus plant extracts and their health benefits. The adipogenic factors and the lipid droplet accumulation have been found in the extract. This helps in the digestive system whereby your body can reduce fats absorption. This makes hibiscus tea an excellent option for those looking to reduce fat, weight or even detoxing.

4.      Oolong Tea

This tea blend originated from the traditional Chinese, and it is perfect for those looking to lose weight. It Stimulates fat burning and reduces the cholesterol making you healthier. A study was conducted on patients with the coronary artery disease. Those who added this tea to their diet were able to burn off the excess fat. The medical study concluded that this tea could be used to reduce obesity even for patients who have type 2 diabetes mellitus.

5.      Star Anise Tea

This tea is popular with those looking to reduce their weight due to its ability to promote digestive health. The body eliminates chemicals, foods, and toxins that encourage weight gain if the digestive system is working properly. The star anise fruits also contain other medically active compounds that are beneficial to your health and well-being. The tea helps treat indigestion, gas, cramps, and intestinal parasites. Exercise caution with the star anise as it is considered toxic to some bodies.

The health benefits of tea do not end there. Tea has been found to help prevent heart disease, some types of cancer, and also diabetes. Adding these teas to your diet will not only help you relax but also improve your overall well-being. When you brew your cup of tea, try and avoid additional sweeteners for maximum health benefits.