8 Easy Ways to Cut Sugar from your Diet

sugarManaging the sugar in your diet is an important aspect of health and weight management. You will find sugar everywhere from your home, hotels, milk bars or inside limousine rentalsĀ as you pop your favorite drinks. For all the bad rap it gets, sugar is a good source of calories. Not so much, though. Reducing your sugar intake is of paramount importance. Here are a few easy ways to cut the sugar from your diet.

1. Forget processed food

Processed foods are one of the main sources of added sugar. One box or bag of processed food can have multiple types of sugar added into it. Going organic or whole instead of processed will see you reduce your sugar intake significantly.

2. Opt for whole, fresh fruits

While juice and other fruit products are sweet, they are not as healthy as you think. They are full of sugar and thin in fiber. Eating the fruits whole and fresh will be more beneficial to your health. Fruits like cherries, berries, and grapefruit are rich in glucose and also have a lower fructose.

3. Make your own tomato sauce

Tomato sauces are very popular because of their versatility and ability to give a meal (especially pasta) a lift. Processed tomato sauce is, however, high on added sugar. Buy some fresh tomatoes and some herbs and simmer in a pot. This is a much healthier alternative.

4. Switch to dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is a healthy yet sweet alternative, especially for desserts. It is rich in Iron, Manganese, Magnesium, Potassium, Selenium, Copper, Phosphorus, and Zinc.

5. No more flavored yogurt

Experts warn that most flavored yogurt has more sugar than candy. Buy plain yogurt instead and add fresh fruit or honey for flavor. You can also make your own plain yogurt.

6. Avoid soda

sodaSoda is a sugar haven. Substitute the popular beverage with water. You can add a lemon or lime in the water for some flavor. Alternatively, drink soda water or good old milk. Sodas are not the only culprits. Energy drinks, bottled coffee drinks, store-bought smoothies, bottled iced teas, and “enhanced” waters are other drinks full of sugar that you should avoid.

7. Avoid mixed alcohol drinks

Mixed alcoholic drinks have more sugar than you can imagine. Add soda water to your drinks or just go for the classic wine if you have to drink.

8. Go for protein and fat

To slow down your blood sugar release which can be prompted by unhealthy carbs, start adding protein and healthy fats like nuts, seeds, avocados, walnut oil, olive oil, and coconut oil in your meals. This will also keep you full avoiding the temptation of having more sugar.

Sugar has many guises including, sucrose, glucose, fruit juice, fructose, corn syrup, hydrolyzed starch, invert sugar or honey. Knowing that will help you next time you are shopping. When buying food or drinks, check the nutritional label for sugar content. If it has more than 22.5g of sugar per 100g, it is high in sugar. Watch your sugar intake as too much can cause health complications.